Tune Hotels
Provision of new gas and electric supplies at four development sites for Tune Hotels, including over 100 meter disconnections and supply alterations.

Large number of gas and electricity supplies / meters in need of disconnection and removal to allow safe continuation of site works.
Insufficient gas load on site requiring upgrade and new meter installation.
Insufficient substation capacity for the required electrical load requiring new on-site substation installation and elec meter upgrades.

Action Taken maximeyes ascertained the supplier and MOP to each supply point and coordinated meter removals and supply disconnections. We managed to streamline the majority of the removals and disconnections by taking advantage of the MOP’s inter-shipper agreement with EON Energy and British Gas.
Net Benefit Significant time and cost saving – approx. 4-6 weeks and £20,000 – by:

Organising disconnections through one supplier as opposed to three
Obtaining 20% more competitive supply upgrade quotations from ICP and UIP
Negotiating competitive supply contracts and organising new free-of-charge meter installations