Project: Gas supply alteration and a meter upgrade for Express by Holiday Inn, Crawley
Client: Sojourn Hotels
Project Value: £2.1m

Details: Holiday Inn had plans to build a major extension to their existing Crawley site. They had been advised that a new gas meter was required to facilitate their new increased load. Due to the size of the new meter it would require rehousing to a more suitable location and they had been advised by the DNO that the only place appropriate for the meter was in the middle of the car park, an inconvenient location for the client.

Action Taken: Based on the client’s newly proposed gas consumption, we established that the existing meter would still be of a sufficient size to handle the proposed load. The existing meter setup however was oversized, inefficient, outdated and potentially dangerous. Our advice was to replace the meter with one that was more appropriately sized and would better suit the proposed requirements whilst adhering to health and safety regulations. After a site visit, the Energeyes team proposed a solution of a smaller meter with no need for separate housing, and a more convenient location chosen on a side wall.

Net Benefit: The client had their meter replaced with a smaller but more efficient meter. The plan to re-house the meter was discarded and therefore the client was saved the cost of the meter relocation and the proposed new housing construction in the car park.